“Space Jam: A New Legacy” review: Has LeBron James brought back any family movies?


LeBron James is a real father in “Space Jam: A New Legacy”. He’s playing jokes on daddy. He fails like a father, he succeeds like a father and he wins like a father. This is one of the many reasons this new “Space Jam” movie works so well. It’s a family film – a family affair that we can all relate to, and that makes this film much stronger than it seems at first glance.

And we need more. Marketing, promotion Warner Bros. – none of this matters. What really matters is that this film has a heart at its center with a positive message about families. We need more movies like this. We need those self-contained family movies that allow us to reflect on ourselves and the way we act in our own families.

The new “Space Jam” has a more modern history. Basically, James finds himself as an imperfect father who continues to pressure his children to become basketball stars. But one of her children wants to build video games instead. Fast forward until James and his son go to a meeting at Warner Bros., where they end up in a computer room. Soon, James’ son is captured by Al G. Rhythm, the main artificial intelligence of Warner Bros. James must then create a team to face the team of Al G. Rhythm. Otherwise, LeBron James and his entire family will have to stay in the server-worm forever.

OK, so this is a bit complicated. But basically, James has to win a basketball game to bring his son home. And James remains stuck with the Looney Tunes – although he does want other Warner Bros. characters. as teammates. That doesn’t stop James from looking for teammates in the Warner Bros. catalog. We see references to “Harry Potter”, “Game of Thrones” and so many other properties. It’s actually quite surprising how many references we get to the Warner Bros. catalog. – nods to franchises, characters and places we never knew existed in their pantheon.

Much has been written about how the new “Space Jam” is a marketing plot. It’s a movie meant to showcase some of Warner Bros. best products. in the movie). You could say the whole movie is a big commercial for HBO Max, Warner Bros. and even James as an athlete.

This is why “Space Jam: A New Legacy” failed to impress critics. Rotten tomatoes Critics score 32% out of 145 reviews. Many of these critics criticize the film’s marketing plot, likening it to a long advertisement versus an actual film.

Of course, critics should consider that all marketing is sort of the purpose of “Space Jam”. The original film did the same for Michael Jordan. The film highlighted the iconic Jordan as one of the best basketball players in the world, showing his strength and status as a player.

But here is why “Space Jam” should not be underestimated or underestimated. It’s a simple take, but it’s important. “Space Jam: A New Legacy” is a family movie that requires nothing more than having a good time.

Literally, that’s all you have to do. Show up at the movies, watch mixed reality entertainment where James becomes a cartoon (yes, there is a Legitimate LeBron James Caricature in this movie) and have fun. Laugh when the jokes happen. Cry when heartwarming family moments arise. Applaud when James does one of his signature slam dunks. There is no cinematic universe to explore. There is no pressure to make this film work. “Space Jam” has such low expectations – mainly due to the fact that it is a marketing film with an athletic actor, a fact the film reminds us of even in a classic nod to audiences – that whatever happens will not disappoint you. .

We don’t have movies like this anymore, which makes it special. He has so many references for adults to understand, especially on the NBA, LeBron, and pop culture. It’s a clean classic film with a little cartoonish drama. You don’t have to think too much. You don’t have to worry about cameos and surprise appearances. You just have to worry about the story, the hero and the villain.

And it helps that “Space Jam” has a powerful message about family. Let your children be who they want to be. Allow your children to grow as they wish and find the hobbies they enjoy. And if you fail your family or your kids, work to fix it. Good things take hard work. Sometimes you have to weather the storm to see the sunny days. The same can be said for raising your family. That’s what James has to go through in this movie. He has to work to redeem himself in the eyes of his family – a perfect message for any dad who has found himself in the doghouse for looking at his phone during a conversation over dinner or spending a little too much money. money in the Bass Pro Shops. Haven’t we all experienced a story like this? Haven’t we all been the kid who was let down by our family? Haven’t we all been the wife, husband, daughter, son, boyfriend or girlfriend who is angry with their spouse, partner or parent because they don’t believe in others? Haven’t we all been LeBron James?

OK, probably not that far. But you see, we’ve all been through times like the ones LeBron is going through. And that’s what makes this movie so powerful.

And there is clearly an appetite for it. The film took in $ 31.65 million at the box office over the weekend, which “was the best 3 days we’ve seen for a family movie during the pandemic,” according to Deadline. The Rotten tomatoes the audience score is 81%, which is almost triple critics’ ratings, proving that families are fine with this kind of theatrical content.

“This is the family movie of the summer, and it’s exciting to see audiences coming back in droves,” said Jeff Goldstein, head of national distribution for Warner Bros. Deadline.

It’s a movie you’ll find in the family section of a former video rental store, right next to the previous “Space Jam”. You can rent it for a night with the family and have a good time. The beauty is that you can also watch this movie anytime on HBO Max, so it’s not like you have to go to the movies every time you want to watch it. You can watch it this Friday if you want.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” is not a cinematic masterpiece. But it’s a perfect movie for your family, kids, and any grown-up who’s longing for the original or the start of LeBron James’ career. We need more movies like this – standalone movies that focus on family and the importance of building that family. So stop the hate on the LeBron James movie. We need more movies like this.


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