Spotify raises prices by $ 1 on family plan subscription



Spotify raises prices by $ 1 on family plan subscription

Spotify has increased the price of some of its plans starting April 30, according to The Verge. These changes will affect many users in the US, UK, and parts of Europe, and one-time Spotify Premium subscriptions will not be affected.

The Spotify Family plan in the US has gone from $ 14.99 to $ 15.00 per month. The Duo, Premium, and Student plans have remained the same, although this is not the case for some locations outside of the United States. The UK and European markets have gone even further by applying premium pricing to all of their Student, Duo and Family plans. Some countries in Asia and South America will also see similar price changes.

In the UK, Student Spotify has gone from £ 4.99 to £ 5.99 per month and the Duo subscription, for two people, has gone from £ 12.99 to £ 13.99 per month. The family plan is now £ 16.99 instead of the original £ 14.99.

In a handful of European countries, Student and Duo plans have increased by one euro each month (to € 5.99 and € 12.99 per month respectively). The Family plan has also been reduced from € 14.99 to € 17.99 per month.

All current Spotify users were given a one-month grace period before starting to see their prices increase during their June billing period.

The news piqued the interest of many users as Spotify CEO Daniel Ek informed the Financial Times in March of this year that Spotify would not be raising prices in the United States anytime soon. Ek also indicated in February, however, that the price hikes would likely be part of Spotify’s future growth strategy, so these cost changes ultimately come as no surprise.

These price increases may be due to the fact that Spotify recorded a loss of 125 million euros in the last quarter. A spokesperson for Spotify said, “We offer a variety of subscription plans tailored to the needs of our users and occasionally update our prices to reflect local macroeconomic factors and meet market demands while providing service. unmatched. “




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