Spotify restricts the family plan again



If you’re a music-savvy streamer, chances are you’ve considered betting on Spotify’s family plan. While primarily aimed at real families, who’s to say your rave family doesn’t matter? The Family Plan allows family members under a roof to enjoy up to six premium accounts for just $ 14.99 per month. It won’t be enough to have all the accounts listed at the same address anymore, as the streaming giant is about to make some changes. To prevent groups of friends from masquerading as families, Spotify will start asking Family Plan users to confirm their home address by sending their location to Spotify.

Photo credit: Spotify

Without confirming your address to Spotify by sending your GPS location through Google Maps, you could lose access to your account. Family Plan users who received this email can follow a link where the company explains, “Spotify will only use your GPS data to check your location and nothing else.” This change directly affects divided host families, students in school or those traveling for work. It is unrealistic for Spotify to require that family plan users all reside at the same address.

A Billboard article from last year indicates that nearly half of all streaming users are on a family plan. With so many users getting a big discount, it’s no wonder this affects Spotify’s bottom line. New changes will eliminate those who take advantage of the plan and require them to pay a much higher individual premium account for the price of $ 9.99. On the other hand, it could cause customers to switch platforms and stream music with competitors who don’t require location verification.

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