The 6 best family movies to watch with your kids


What’s more in 2020 than staying with the family and getting ready for a movie on the couch? During the holiday season, family films (i.e. films that can be enjoyed by children from “children from 1 to 92” as the song says) are a great bonding opportunity and often a saving grace once we run out of board games, entries, and discussion topics. We’ve put together a roundup of reusable classics and new gems you might not have seen. Grab the popcorn and hot chocolate and claim your favorite spot on the section: these are the best family movies for winter.

A new classic, but a classic nonetheless! by Disney Frozen and its sequel have the snowy, cheery settings we love in a winter movie. These films will engage even the youngest viewers and have enough intrigue to keep adults not only watching, but – dare we say – riveted and singing along.

Elf (2003)

Elf will attract the attention of every family member. Will Ferrell is at his best in this popular Christmas movie and there’s plenty of action and drama to keep everyone’s eyes on the screen.

Small foot is a charming new animated comedy set in the snowy Himalayas. While not explicitly a vacation movie, this film features wintry landscapes and heartwarming themes that we love to watch with a candy cane in hand.

If you have older children, perhaps the best family movie to watch this winter is Harry Potter. Each movie features a classic winter scene and is super fun to watch. For a film truly for all ages, opt for the first film in the series directed by Christopher Columbus.

Jamaica we have a bobsleigh team! Cool races is so fun to watch, has tons of scenic winter scenes, is incredibly family friendly, and will make you want to buy a bobsled.

Alone at home and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York combine all the best vacation vibes into a wintry, nostalgic, slapstick package. If you are looking for the best relevant family movies, Alone at home offers laughs for all ages with an engaging and uplifting story that encourages you to appreciate each member of your family.

Featured Image Credit: Home Alone


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