The best family movies of 2022 so far


Although it debuted in 2021, ‘Belle’ didn’t see a North American or UK release until 2022. Better late than never for this incredible reinterpretation of the ‘La Belle’ story. and the Beast” which, unlike other adaptations of properties Disney has already covered, doesn’t bother to pretend the 1991 film doesn’t exist. In fact, as several critics have pointed out, “Belle” is special in part. because he knowingly acknowledges and borrows from the Disney classic, Alistair Harkness of The Scotsman calling it “a jaw-dropping riff on the Disney version […] filtered through the virtual high-tech aesthetic of “Ghost in the Shell” and “The Matrix.”

If a cyberpunk anime version of “Beauty and the Beast” sounds weird, well… it is. But it’s also great, setting the action in a virtual world with Belle being the digital character of a girl named Suzu and the movie’s version of the Beast being a super-powered character known as Dragon. This way her bestial form is entirely virtual, and Suzu/Belle having to look beyond to find the gentle soul below ends up making the story feel more realistic than the magical spells and curses involved.

It’s also the perfect way to make the book don’t judge a book by its cover theme more relevant to modern youth, who will never be trapped in a cursed beast’s castle and its singing cutlery, but will certainly experience the difficulty in analyzing digital. personalities of their real counterparts. The film, while lively, contains heavy themes, including child abuse footage and intense scenes, so maybe it’s not best for small children.

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