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Do you remember the last time you sat down and watched an entertaining or captivating family movie? They are a great help for anyone who wants to bond with the most important people in their life! Fortunately, Main video has many family options in their stream which are perfect for the holidays or any season.

We’ve put together a list of the best family movies to inspire you to choose what to watch next in good company!

Toy story 4

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The sequel to the famous Toy story 3 follows Woody, resigned to his owner’s place of keeper, gets a new addition to his toy circle: Forky. With a new toy friend, Woody learns and broadens his horizons. New stories and tales await Woody as he embarks on an unwanted adventure.

Lego movie

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Meet Emmet, an ordinary LEGO worker who is mistakenly known as a master builder and travels the world with friends he never dreamed of having. His mission: to prevent an evil tyrant from sticking the world. Lego, the classic construction toy, has ventured into the movies, and that’s a good thing.

Miracle on 34th Street

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A nice old man decides to go on a quest: to be the real Santa Claus. After gaining a lot of attention and being labeled as senile, a lawyer decides to defend him in court. A delicious, charming and timeless story, 34th Street Miracle is one of the greatest Christmas stories of all time.

The Lion King

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After losing his father to a plot to defeat the throne, the rightful heir, Simba, begins his journey from scratch. By meeting precious friends and going on exciting adventures, Simba matures and realizes the importance of friendship and loyalty on the way back to Pride Rock. Enjoy the updated 3D version of this classic tale (no pun intended).

Coming 2 America

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Following Coming to America, the film depicts Akeem (new king of Zamunda) and Semmi (his partner) traveling the world, to Queens, New York. They then proceed to search for Akeem’s long-lost son and heir to the throne. Enjoy a few laughs with this fun and entertaining movie for the holidays.

Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time

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In Amazon’s first original stand-up special, Jim Gaffigan is having a great time with his family and audiences. A 4-time Grammy nominated comedian who has enough fuel to make everyone laugh. Stay tuned and enjoy the show! Families will especially love his family-oriented humor.

The family man

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Quite average man faces marital problems while fighting terrorism as part of his special job at the National Investigation Agency. Faced with many issues on both sides, Srikant must balance his life so as not to involve his family in his work. The family man is a production full of action and fun.

Back to the rafters

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This sequel brings the Rafter family back after six years since Wrapped in rafters last broadcast. Dave and Julie have started a new life with their youngest daughter, Ruby, while the older children still have their own challenges in life. A warm and family film.

Are family movies an easy way to spend time with relatives and family friends? Prime Video has plenty of great family movies to offer, so join Main video or rent a family movie today to enjoy it while spending a quality evening with your loved ones.

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