The Minister of Revenue stays in an inn; eats at the Koraga family | Mangaluru News

Udupi: Revenue Minister R Ashoka completed his grama vastavya in the district, having breakfast at the home of a Koraga family in Kenjoor village on Sunday. As part of the BJP government’s “sarakarada nade halli kadege” program, the minister stayed at Morarji Desai boarding school hostel in Arooru village, after conducting a Janaspandana program in Kokkarne on Saturday.
On Sunday, after having breakfast with Kumara Kenjoor, a member of the Koraga community, the minister said, “I came to a Koraga family here, with a team of officials from the Ministry of Finance. Kumara’s family served kadubu, avalakki, chutney and sambar, which I ate with great joy. I didn’t come here just to advertise and say that I visited the home of a member of the Koraga community. I ate the breakfast they served with relish and also asked them to serve it again.”
“The Koraga community needs to be integrated into the mainstream of society. The Deputy Commissioner and all officials should take the necessary initiatives in this regard. There was a time when community members were forced to stand outside when invited to programs. Those who show disparity on the basis of caste deserve to be punished. The government will never allow anyone involved in such heinous behavior to get away with it,” the minister said.
He added that reform in society may not be possible in a single day. “Now when I came here, officials and my supporters also came here today. within a month. The government will also provide support to the community to cultivate their land. I will talk to officials from all departments, to solve various problems related to families in the community,” he said.
Udupi MLA K Raghupathi Bhat, Deputy Commissioner M Kurma Rao and CEO of zilla panchayat Y Naveen Bhat were present.

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