The price of a YouTube Premium family plan is increasing


The ability to pay not to see ads on YouTube might just be one of the best subscriptions available. But if you have a family plan, YouTubePremium is about to get a bit more expensive.

YouTube today sent an email to subscribers announcing that the family plan will increase from $18 per month to $23 per month starting with the first billing cycle on or after November 21, 2022. This $5 increase corresponds to a 27% increase. And that’s probably the one that family managers – i.e. the person in charge of setting up the family unit within Google (which really isn’t as dystopian as it sounds) – will pay probably most willingly.

“This update will allow us to expand even more Premium features and continue to support the creators and artists you watch on YouTube,” the YouTube Premium team wrote in the email to subscribers.

Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

YouTube Premium gives you ad-free YouTube videos, which is worth it in itself. You also have the option to play videos in the background while you do other things or when the screen is locked on your phone. You can also save videos for offline viewing. And YouTube Music is also included, ad-free. You also get ad-free, offline playback in the YouTube Kids app.

Family plans allow up to six accounts in total, as with YouTube Television, and everything is based on a standard Google account. There’s the manager’s account, who’s in charge of things, and from there he’ll add up to five more family members aged 13 and up.

An individual subscription to YouTube Premium remains at $12 per month, after a month of trying. Or you can save a few dollars and pay $112 per year. Student subscriptions remain at $7 per month.

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