Tik Tok: CCTV shows fire at Smithy family home in Welling


CCTV shows the moment two men set fire to a TikTok family’s car.

They are seen stalking the Smithy family’s home in Welling before setting the family’s Ford Mondeo on fire in the driveway just before 11 p.m.

The TikTok stars, who have 2.5 million followers, were “devastated” after their home was destroyed by the fire.

Last night Nick, a father of three, said the cowardly attackers were armed with a “bottle of milk full of accelerator”.

And he urged anyone with information about the men to come forward.

The Smithy family live in Welling

Nick said: “The level they went to to do it is unreal. We had to go through this ordeal.

“It can’t happen to someone else anymore.

“Next time, it could be someone who is dead.

“So please take a good look, share it – let’s see if we can find these people.” ”

Two hooded youths wearing face masks were caught on CCTV lurking outside the house before the fire.

Daddy Nick and mum Jess were forced to grab their two young daughters Amelia, 6, and Isabella, 9, and a newborn when they realized their car was on fire around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

Videos posted online show the burnt remains of a car parked in front of the burnt property.

Earlier, Nick shared a dramatic video of the charred house with his supporters.

He also posted pictures of his daughters’ bedroom where they were sleeping when the fire broke out.

News Shopper: Nick in tears last nightA nick in tears last night

In tears, the father said: “My daughters were in this room but that doesn’t matter to you, does it?

“One of you filmed it while the other did. I don’t think you realize the consequences.”

It can’t happen to someone else anymore. Next time it might be someone dead

Nick smithy

In a separate clip, Nick shared video of a burning car in the driveway and the house blackened with hell last night.

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London firefighters said the flames appeared to be spreading to the house from a burning car in the driveway.

A spokesperson said: “We were called with reports of a car crash that had spread outside the house.

“There were a number of mobility scooters parked outside that caught fire and produced a large amount of smoke and flames.

“Everyone was out of the building prior to our arrival, and the crews worked incredibly hard to prevent further damage to the interior of the property and to neighboring properties.”

News Shopper: London Fire attended the scene at WellingLondon Fire attended the scene at Welling

The Smithy Family’s TikTok videos began with Father Nick posting pranks and sketches of locked out family life, which helped them rack up 268 million likes.

More than 20 firefighters were called to the scene Wednesday evening and the cause of the blaze is currently under investigation.

“London officers and firefighters responded and the fire was extinguished around 12:30 am,” police said in a statement.

“The cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no injuries. No arrests have been made and investigations are continuing,” police added.


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