Visible tackles the prejudices of the wireless industry against singles, offering savings on family plans



DENVER, December 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Visible, the All-Digital Mobile Phone Operator owned by Verizon, today announces the launch of its ‘Smash the Drama’ holiday campaign to boost awareness of the carrier’s first offering on the market: save on a family plan without the need for a traditional “family plan”. Visible will promote the campaign with a tongue-in-cheek vacation spot, airing now; a vacation hotline where celebrities and influencers offer relief and advice to fans in real time; and an in-person and virtual back-up smash room called Visible gifts: Break the family drama built to literally break the holiday drama.

About a third of wireless consumers subscribe to a single-line plan rather than a family plan, and Visible strives to give them the same premium experience at the best rates in the industry: as low as 25 $/ month for unlimited data, taxes and fees included.

The creative spark of the campaign came from the fact that as CEO Angie klein Said, being single in wireless is similar to women facing the “pink tax,” the rising costs women often pay for certain items such as razors and dry cleaning that men don’t. Klein says, “Singles are indeed penalized by all the major telecommunications companies by requiring those who are not part of a family to spend more on their monthly wireless plan. At Visible, we pride ourselves on offering real savings to everyone, no matter their family or relationship status. “

Visible created the first wireless plan that offers family savings without the need for a traditional family structure or shared payments. Consumers can reach who they want, when they want, with how many people they want – because Visible understands that family comes in all its forms. Even if consumers choose to travel solo, it’s easy to join a “party” with a stranger, ex, coworker (you name it!) And all while sharing the same savings. The ultimate goal of Visible is to break the mold of what is traditional, while providing affordable and accessible service to everyone – for as little as 25 $/month.

Consumers will see Visible’s holiday drama relief campaign come to life with a integrated campaign including:

  • the holiday destination, broadcast on digital platforms and linear television until the end of the year, in both versions: 15 and: 30 seconds.
  • A live Twitter event “vacation hotline” on December 14th, in which the partners, including Bachelorette alum Mike johnson, actor Matt Bellasai, and television personality Gizelle bryant take control of Visible and help audiences solve all of their vacation family drama issues in real time.
  • A well-titled, in-person smash room event Visible gifts: Break the family drama, at 29 W 23rd St. New York, New York State 10010 to December 17-18, 2021. Participants can walk through a ‘house for on the holiday theme “ living room and dispel their family vacation frustrations by shattering everything in sight. For example:
    • Filled stockings that you can rip off the embroidered coat with, “Why aren’t you married yet?”
    • Christmas tree decorations that say, “Your generation has it so easy” and “Why can’t you look more like your brother?” “
    • Wine bottles with personalized labels such as “Dry and slightly bitter, like your family” … and more.

About Visible
Visible is the first fully digital wireless service in the United States, offering unlimited data, messages, minutes and hotspot, powered by Verizon, 5G included. In an effort to radically change the wireless service experience, Visible was named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company list and was named “Best Telecom Brand” in Adweek’s 2021 Challenger Brand Awards.

For more information, visit or search for it in the App store or the Play Store.

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