Volunteers renovate Gilbert family home after father was in intensive care


For so many Arizona families, the last two years in the Covid-19 pandemic were unbearable, emotionally and financially.

These hard hit families would need a little help – so this is what a woman did for a family in need. She used her real estate connections to renovate a house for a family in just one weekend.

“We step in and completely renovate their house in 2 days,” said Michelle Colbert with Rise Real Estate Group November 14.

Every year, Colbert’s company renovates a house for a family that really needs it. “I want to be able to create a home for someone who doesn’t feel like it’s a home for them,” she said.

The house is owned by the Smiths, a family of four living in Gilbert. The past year for their father has been more difficult than most can imagine.

“Matt and his whole family contracted COVID last year, but Matt had the worst. So bad he was in intensive care for 52 days. And since then he’s recently discovered his kidneys were shutting down so he is on dialysis now and no longer has the transplant list, ”Colbert said.

He’s lost 70 pounds, so hopefully these weekend warriors can get rid of his to-do list by remodeling his house.

With the Smith family staying at a Scottsdale resort for the weekend, Colbert’s team got to work.

Redo the roof, paint everything, install a new quartz countertop and new floors and floors.

This is the third year that Michelle has done this, still looking for the perfect family to help her out.

“He’s a football manager and one of his former footballers nominated him and so they keep in touch. It’s the most rewarding part and I think he gives it to everyone and doesn’t didn’t think so. That’s why I think it’s his turn now, “said Colbert.

During the reveal, all the hard work will be worth it because of who it is for.

“There will be so many tears tonight,” said Colbert.

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