Woman offering a reward to find out who demolished her family home in southern Alabama


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – A Mobile homeowner is offering a $1,000 reward for information that reveals who demolished a house she owns.

Jennifer Pulliam said the house belonged to her grandparents. It’s a special place for her.

“I moved here when I was about 10 – it’s my grandparents’ old house. They bought it in 1965 and it has been in our family ever since,” she said.

In January, someone with heavy equipment came onto the property and toppled the house, taking away much of the debris. Pulliam, who now lives and works in Leakesville, Mississippi, said a family member told him about it.

“I cried. I cried for two days,” Pulliam said. “I was devastated.”

But once the shock passed, Pulliam got angry and now wants to know who destroyed the house. She spoke to neighbors and even went to a nearby landfill to see if any debris from the brick and stucco house had ended up there.

“They told me that Friday and Saturday they saw a brick structure going by, an older type of brick house like I described to them,” she said.

The property is on 11 acres on Cody Road next to the Mobile Fairgrounds. Pulliam said she allowed the fairgrounds to use her property for parking during the Morgan Wallen concert in November, but officials said they were unaware of the house’s demolition.

A man she was about to rent the property to said he did not know who would demolish the house. He had been set to renovate the house for a company. There is also no record of any permits issued by the city or county for the demolition.

But she knows what she’ll do when she finds out who did it.

“I know I’m going to press charges and have them arrested.”

Pulliam said she reported the matter to mobile police and was given a case number. She said it took over a month to speak to someone from the police department and when she did she was told it was not a police matter. The mobile police also did not respond to questions from the media.


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