Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Considered, Says Phil Spencer



Xbox could offer a “family” plan for Xbox Game Pass, according to a tweet from Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

In the exchange below on Twitter, Spencer responds to a user asking if the company would consider a “family” subscription plan for Xbox Game Pass, similar to the functionality of Spotify. “It’s something we would love to do,” Spencer replies. “For multiple family members with consoles, a family plan would be helpful.”

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Obviously, Xbox Game Pass does not currently offer a plan for households with multiple Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X. The service is offered strictly on one console, as an Xbox Game Pass purchase is tied exclusively. to one. Xbox account and one Xbox account cannot be used on multiple consoles at the same time.

The example given by the Twitter user above is that of Apple and Spotify’s family plans. These two music streaming giants both have family plans that allow multiple users to stream music under the same account, from multiple devices at exactly the same time. The same family plan exists on other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime for movies and TV shows.

There’s no question that Xbox Game Pass is one of the best gaming deals out there right now. Adding a family plan to the service that offers hundreds of games under a single monthly subscription would be a big bonus for households with multiple consoles or for groups who want to spread the cost of the Game Pass among multiple users. It’s obviously not confirmation from Microsoft that they plan to introduce the feature for Xbox Game Pass, but it’s still a positive sign that Spencer and the Xbox team are actively discussing a family plan.

There may be hundreds and hundreds of games included with Xbox’s ambitious streaming service, but for our pick of the best games on offer, you can check out our guide on the best Xbox Game Pass games for more. We have also collected the latest Xbox Game Pass offers.



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