Xbox Game Pass family plan release date rumored to be for holiday season


The rumor Xbox Game Pass Family Plan release date Microsoft hasn’t given an official date, but journalist and Microsoft expert Brad Sams thinks it will be later this year. Brad Sams is a credible source as VP and GM of Stardock Software, Editorial Advisor for BWW Media Group, and owner of “The Business of Gaming” newsletter specifically for Windows, Xbox, and the Microsoft world.

When will the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan be released?

In his latest edition of the Sams Report on YouTube on April 15 where he discusses widgets, Halo, and the Microsoft Surface device, Brad Sams answers a reader’s question about the Xbox Game Pass family plan. At 11:25 episode mark (as pointed out Idle Sloth on Twitter), Sams seems to have inside information regarding the planned release date of the plan:

“The Family Party plan, last I heard, was targeted for a fall release around the holiday season this year. Keep in mind that a lot of things change, a lot of things evolve over time, so that was the original goal. We’ll see if it happens.

If the rumor is true, the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan release date being just before the holidays would be an opportune time as families start sorting through presents for the Christmas season. In addition to Starfield which is scheduled for release on November 11 this year with a Day One launch on Xbox Game Pass, other games could be released around the same time, possibly with a Day One launch as well, such as Forza Motorsport 8. This would also help bolster sales of Xbox Series consoles, especially the affordable and well-stocked Xbox Series S compared to the PS5 at least.

As previously reported, the Xbox Game Pass family plan would have multiple tiers, with the highest tier allowing five players from the same country to access the subscription service. One plan member will need to be the primary account holder with responsibility for controlling the permission settings of other account members.

In other news, the upcoming Halo Infinite Season 2 Breaker and Catalyst maps have been detailed in a gorgeous trailer, and the first expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 has been given a release window.


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