Xbox Game Pass is set to receive a family plan later this year – Report


Xbox Game Pass would offer a family plan option later this year for its subscribers, allowing households to share access to the gaming service.

According to a windows central report, Microsoft wanted to create a family plan for a while, but internally there were issues that needed to be discussed, such as how royalties would be distributed and how third-party publishers would be compensated for subscribers who weren’t not in single user mode. plans. Now it looks like Microsoft has the details hashed out and is ready to announce them later this year.

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The family plan would use Microsoft’s family account system already in place for Office 365, and up to five players in the same country can share an entire library on a single Xbox Game Pass Family Plan subscription. It appears to be a more paid tier in the Xbox Game Pass subscription, but it’s still much cheaper than the total amount of having to pay for five separate ones individually.

It’s also missing some details, including the exact price of the family plan. Additionally, it’s unclear if there will be separate Family Plans for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, or if the Family Plan is an exclusive benefit for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Microsoft isn’t alone in shaking up its subscription services. Earlier this week, Sony announced that it would be renaming its PlayStation Plus service to include three new tiers for users.

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