Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Family Plan trial underway


(Pocket-lint) – Microsoft is testing a family plan for its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

Originally shown in April, the plan is being tested by Xbox Insiders in Ireland and Colombia. It allows an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member to add up to four additional people to their subscription.

Currently, different Xbox players in the same house must have separate paid Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions for each to enjoy the benefits. This has always been a bone of contention for families – especially those with more than one Xbox in a household.

The trial allows the primary Game Pass Ultimate subscriber to invite up to four other people to share the service. Right now this is for those with Xbox Insider Game Pass accounts – which you’ll need to convert to participate – and only players in Ireland or Colombia. All guests must also be in the same region.


There are a number of caveats that come with this trial period. Errors may occur during the invite process, you may not be able to “purchase” the required Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview plan initially and may need to reset the Microsoft Store, and a number of others bugs may be encountered. You can find out more about them on the dedicated page Xbox Wire blog page.

Nevertheless, we very much hope that the problems will be resolved and that the plan will soon be rolled out more widely. There doesn’t appear to be any additional charges currently, but we wouldn’t even mind if there was a slight premium for a dedicated “family plan”. That would be a hell of a lot cheaper than having to take out two or three Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions at once, like we have to do now.

Written by Rik Henderson.


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