Xbox Game Pass would add a family plan


A new report claims that Xbox is evaluating adding an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan expansion to the subscription service.

The value of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscription is what has led to the spectacular success of the service since its launch. For one low monthly price, Xbox Game Pass subscribers get access to a massive library of exciting games, including many Day One game releases and even first-party Xbox games. Given its relatively low cost, many have shrugged off Xbox Game Pass’s lack of some key features. An example is a Family Plan version of Xbox Game Pass, although that may change soon.

A report from Windows Central claims that Microsoft is moving forward with plans to introduce an Xbox Game Pass family plan in the relatively near future. The report does not contain any specific details regarding an announcement date or release date, nor any pricing details either. At best, the report confirms that the Xbox Game Pass family plan will be a scalable, more expensive version of what’s currently available.

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Family plans are designed to be affordable alternatives for families with multiple accounts to use. Instead of paying full price for a subscription for each individual account, family members bundle their accounts under the umbrella of a family plan and get a discount in the process. The report states that the Xbox Game Pass Family Pass would allow five separate accounts to be included in a single plan.

An Xbox Game Pass family plan will temporarily allow five different accounts. If a standard subscription to Xbox Game Pass on PC or console costs $9.99 per month, it would cost around $50 per month for five accounts. A family plan would typically cost more than 50% less than that. The Nintendo Switch Online plan, for example, allows 8 accounts and costs just over 30% more than an individual plan. For Xbox, that would work out to $13 or $14 per month, although that seems like a very low estimate.

For those wondering if an Xbox Game Pass family plan could be used by groups of friends to save money, the answer is unclear. Many family plans, including Nintendo’s, allow groups of friends spread across multiple households without restrictions. Xbox Game Pass could be different, however, with restrictions on playing games at the same time or similar.

What matters is that Microsoft may soon fix an oversight that’s costing families extra money and frustration. Large families will be able to bundle their accounts together at a discounted price, where they can share the library of Xbox Game Pass titles together. Expect an official announcement regarding the Xbox Game Pass family plan.

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Source: Windows Central

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