You can buy the Bennet family home from 1995’s ‘Pride & Prejudice’ for $7.3 million


Notice to Jane Austen fans. Now is your chance to make Longbourn your home. The house that served as the home of Elizabeth Bennet and her family in the 1995 TV miniseries Pride and Prejudice hit the market. But the asking price might even raise eyebrows at the famously wealthy Mr. Darcy.

‘Pride & Prejudice’ house put up for sale for £6m

Lucington Court | Image courtesy of Woolley & Wallis

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The Pride and Prejudice home, known as Luckington Court, has an asking price of £6 million (about $7.3 million). The historic house was built in the 11th century and features original Tudor details as well as 16th century updates, according to the Woolley & Wallis listing.

The eight-bedroom, seven-bathroom home sits on nearly 19 acres in the scenic Costwolds region. According to the listing’s description, it is an “exemplary English country dwelling” which features “elegant, well-proportioned rooms, good ceiling heights and large sash windows”. The property – which also includes several outbuildings, including five cottages, “not only provides a wonderful home and place to live, but also a profitable estate, with expanded agricultural, residential and commercial income streams”.

The house was previously listed for sale in 2017 at £9.5million, according to Country Life.

Fans will recognize the house from the 1995 miniseries starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth

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The house will be familiar to fans of the 1995 BBC miniseries Pride and Prejudice, which starred Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet and Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. In this series, it is presented as a relatively modest family home compared to the more impressive estates where Firth’s character or his friend Mr. Bingley (Crispin Bonham-Carter) live.

Mr. Darcy’s house in Pemberley is a much larger house than Longbourn. In the BBC adaptation, Lyme Park replaces the exterior of its estate. It is owned by the UK National Trust and the house and grounds are open to the public. Interior scenes were filmed at Sudbury Hall, another National Trust property.

Bennet family home from 2005 ‘Pride & Prejudice’ sold for £8.5m

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Luckington Court is not the only house associated with Pride and Prejudice sold in recent years. In 2020, the house that served as Longbourn in the 2005 film version of Austen’s novel starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen came on the market. The unique property (the house, which was built in the 1660s, is surrounded by a moat) eventually sold for £8.5million, according to Kent Live.

Basildon Park, which replaced Bingley’s rented house in Netherfield in Joe Wright’s film, is owned by the National Trust. England’s largest private house, Chatsworth House, served as Pemberley’s exterior. It is owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

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